Beginnings - Kodak

One of my many hobbies. I started taking photos when I was still in my early teens. My point and shoot Kodak was what I used to document my life and places that I had been. Later on I remember getting a Kodak 110. It wasn't much of a camera in fact it was pretty lame. By the time the film was developed it had been so blown up that every picture it took seemed blurry.

Canon AE1 and Canon A1

I eventually was able to afford a Canon AE1 and a few lenses. I read everything I could read about photography. It wasn't unusual to see me at airshows and alongside the Naval piers taking pictures of the ships. I stopped taking photos for many years. The cost to develop so many rolls of film was cost prohibitive. I put up my 35MM cameras and lenses.

Digital iPhones/Nikon

When i got my iPhone I began taking pictures again. I quickly learned Adobe Photoshop and switched to a Mac. Ah, bliss. I can snap away and experiment to my hearts content.

This Gallery

This Gallery is a collection of my photos. Different regions and different emphasis. I started out taking pictures of ghost towns. Because I love history and because these places are literally crumbling in front of our eyes. Some people may not ever be able to get to these places so I take pictures for them. Some of these places will just disappear, so I photograph for them too. I also photograph for me.


I dislike vandals, souvenir seekers and graffiti "artists". I don't provide details on how to get to these places because I don't want these places trashed and ruined. Enjoy this gallery and if you go to these places treat them with respect.